Sometimes there is not enough money to pay for all the necessary pregnancy expenses. Then you can apply to the Federal Foundation for Mother and Child. You have to go to a counselling centre for pregnant people to apply. The foundation's grants are intended to relieve pregnant people’s financial worries concerning the financial burdens of motherhood and to help them make ends meet before and after the birth.

The assistance provided by the Federal Foundation for Mother and Child helps with expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth. You can use the money, for example, to buy maternity clothes or things the baby will need after they are born. Also, if you have to move into a larger apartment, there is a grant you can apply for from the foundation.

There are a few requirements for you to apply for foundation funds. You must have your official residence in Germany or usually stay in Germany. Also, your income must fall within certain income limits. It is best to ask a pregnancy counselling centre what these limit are. You can only apply during pregnancy, not after the birth. You can also only apply once per pregnancy. In the event of another pregnancy, a new application is also possible. Make an appointment with a counseling centre and bring your maternity record (Mutterpass) and income documents to the appointment. If you do not have German citizenship, you must also bring your residence permit. The counselors will help you fill out the application and you can also discuss any other questions or concerns with them if you would like.

The amount of support depends on your personal situation and is decided by the foundation. Admittedly, no one has a legal claim to support funds from the Foundation. However, if you meet the above requirements, experience shows that you will get the money. It is good to know that these allowances do not count as income. So you don't have to worry about that money being counted against your benefits. If you receive Unemployment Benefit II (Arbeitslosengeld II), you can also get one-time benefits because of the pregnancy. Make sure that the Jobcenter grant has been applied for and approved before you buy anything with the money from the foundation. Otherwise it may happen that the Jobcenter will not recognise that you still need the things you bought.