Pregnancy can bring up a lot of questions. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed or worried that life with your child will be beyond you. Then you can get help at pregnancy counseling. The counsellors have a lot of experience and can help you find solutions to your problems. This service is available in many places and is free of charge. Every pregnant person has a legal right to it. You can make a single appointment as well as multiple follow-up appointments with your counselor as needed. It is also up to you whether you come to counselling alone or with your partner.

You can get help and support for a variety of issues through pregnancy counselling. You may be wondering about health issues that affect you or your child. Or perhaps you want support regarding problems that have arisen in your relationship with your partner. You can also get help when it comes to reporting your pregnancy at work or if there are conflicts at work related to your pregnancy. Counselors know what your rights are. They also know which authorities are responsible for which tasks and can answer your questions about documents and applications. For example, they can help you sort out questions about custody. The staff of the pregnancy counselling centre will also advise you on the duration and rules of your parental leave (Elternzeit). They will also support you in applying for funding, for example for baby clothes or a changing table. The counselling centres work together with the Federal Mother and Child Foundation, among others. This foundation supports some pregnant people with grants. Depending on your needs, counselling centres can put you in touch with suitable offers and help. You can still go to pregnancy counselling after delivery and get support there.

The first thing is to do at the beginning of the consultation get to know each other. You can discuss your questions or concerns with the counsellor and talk about what kind of help you would like. They will help you learn what options are available to support you. In the end, you will decide together which support services are suitable for you and will help you best.

Pregnancy counselling is voluntary. No one can force you to use this service. If you want, you can also get anonymous advice. But even if you choose to give your name, date of birth and address at the counselling centre, the conversations are confidential. This means that the person counseling you is not allowed to talk to others about you or your conversation.