What is HEDI?

HEDI is a platform that links pregnant women and young parents together with midwives, gynecologists, pediatricians and points of contact at social organizations. For this purpose, we have developed a multilingual platform optimized for use with mobile phones, which is free of charge and free of advertising. Future users have been an active part of this development. HEDI answers important questions about pregnancy and connects its users with contact persons and help centers in the region. With a data-secure messenger, HEDI makes it possible for pregnant women to easily search for midwives and communicate securely with them in the future while under their care.

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HEDI is growing!

The HEDI platform is a system consisting of three parts. They will be released one after the other until HEDI is complete in September 2022.

  1. Information and contacts for pregnant women, counsellors and practitioners in five languages
  2. Midwife search: Makes it easier for pregnant women to find a midwife in their vicinity
  3. Messenger: Assists midwives provide care to pregnant women and young mothers in a secure and multilingual system
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Winter 2021

HEDI sees the light of day! Numerous information materials can be used free of charge with the platform, which is available in German, English, French, Persian and Ukrainian. The midwife search and digitally-supported prenatal care are being tested simultaneously. Selected midwives and midwifery students at the Göttingen Health Campus are putting HEDI to the test.


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Spring 2022

The HEDI information section will be open for interested professional users. Medical practices, birthing centers, counselling centers and users from the maternity care sector can set up a free profile. New texts, explanatory videos and explanatory materials will be added to diversify the range of information available. HEDI has also been released in Arabic.


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Summer 2022

After extensive testing, HEDI will be available to all midwives in the region. You can sign up for free, create a profile and get acquainted with the platform. The HEDI team will support this process with information events. The midwife search will then be activated for pregnant women.        


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Autumn 2022

HEDI officially will be handed over to the three regional partners. Additional districts are included in the user circle so that HEDI can be used in other regions.


HEDI for ...

pregnant women, midwives, doctors and consultants
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Pregnant Women & Young Families

HEDI facilitates communication with midwives, doctors and points of contact at social organizations. The platform offers pregnant women and young families accurate information about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

  • HEDI offers users informative, easy-to-understand factual texts and multimedia information, which has been developed together with experts.
  • All of the information is multilingual and supported with an audio version.
  • Medical knowledge, information on how to complete bureaucratic formalities and counselling topics are directly linked to the contact details of local contact persons.
  • A midwife search simplifies the process of finding prenatal care in the area where you live.
  • A messenger facilitates secure communication with the midwife providing your care.
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HEDI gives midwives a secure communication tool that can help them overcome language barriers while caring for and counselling pregnant women.

  • Requests for care are sent to midwives with any important information. All of the information about the pregnant woman is clearly presented.
  • An organization module for midwives makes it easier to keep track of enquiries, appointments, patient care periods and distances.
  • A data-secure messenger makes communicating with pregnant women easy.
  • Multilingual information on topics related to prenatal care can be intelligently integrated into counselling and communication.
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Doctors & Consultants

Gynecologists, pediatricians and employees of counselling centers and government agencies can integrate HEDI into their work as a multilingual and safe source of information.

  • Complicated topics are presented in an understandable manner using clear language and multimedia content. The multilingual information can be used to assist with treatment and counselling.
  • Regional contact persons can be found quickly based on specific topics. They can be named directly to the pregnant women during the counselling session.
  • With a public profile, counsellors and practitioners can present themselves and their areas of specialization. This makes it possible for pregnant women and young families to independently obtain an overview of the support services available in their region.
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Join In

HEDI is not only developed for future users, but also together with them. If you also have suggestions, questions or critique you would like to share or if you would like to participate as a test person, please write us an email!


HEDI is supported by a large network of committed midwives, early assistance specialists, gynecologists, pediatricians, psychologist/social worker counsellors, government employees of regional districts, their agencies and administrative offices. Last but not least, young mothers from southern Lower Saxony shared their personal experiences with us.

Special thanks go to the HEDI quality assurance circle, which is monitoring the platform’s development over the long term:

Laila Bardowicks

Petra Bartels
Pediatric nurse/early assistance specialist

Dr. Mareike Ernst
Senior physician for gynecology/obstetrics, Göttingen University Medical Centre

Dr. Melanie Faber

Heike Furmanowski
Midwife/early assistance specialist

Dagmar Gessert
Early Assistance & Child Protection Network for the city and regional district of Göttingen

Alma Hisenaj
Healthcare & pediatric nurse

Elisabeth Kastner
Pro Familia Göttingen

Ingrid Lohmann

Irene Meyer

Sonja Sammüller

Hildegard Schütz
Caritas for South Lower Saxony

Shahrzad Seyedi
Midwife/early assistance specialist

Michaela Unger
Coordinator of the Early Assistance Network & Early Assistance Specialists, District of Northeim

Susanne Wollenweber-Breme


Project Team

The GWG Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtentwicklung Göttingen and aidminutes GmbH are responsible for the content and technical realization of the project. The project is monitored and evaluated by the Sociological Research Institute Göttingen (SOFI) e. V.. As project partners, the districts of Northeim, Göttingen and the city of Göttingen have enabled the development and adaptation of the app for their residents.

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