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HEDI offers informative, multimedia content that has been developed together with experts.

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HEDI helps to find support by linking knowledge and topics with the contact details of local contacts.

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Safely informed through pregnancy

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More than 160 articles and over 300 contacts in South Lower Saxony: HEDI links the information to contact persons in your area!

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Technical terms and foreign words are explained briefly and simply in the extensive glossary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • At HEDI you will find specific counselling services for pregnant women and young families which are offered in doctors' and midwives' practices, clinics, hospitals and authorities. With HEDI, you can quickly find out who to contact with your inquiry.

  • The easiest way to do this is to send an email to our contact address. We just need some information on the counselling services you provide to complete your registration. At a minimum, you should send us your homepage, contact details and address. Starting in spring 2022, users will be able to enter their counselling services themselves.

  • The HEDI project consists of three parts: information, communication and coordination. The information sub-project is being funded as a project of the Health Region Göttingen/South Lower Saxony within the framework of the Lower Saxony Healthcare Regions. The communication and coordination parts are funded by the European Social Fund within the framework of the Social Innovation Program.

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