You pick up your baby many times throughout the day. This is to put them on your chest for breastfeeding, or when you want to put them in their baby sling or stroller. Some people are afraid of holding their baby incorrectly. Maybe you feel the same way. Maybe you're afraid you'll hurt your baby if you hold them with a firm grip. This concern is unfounded. It's good for your baby to feel safe with you. They are less fragile than you might think. That being said, there are some things you should be aware of in order to properly pick up and hold babies.

Your baby may have kicked in the womb, but they had no opportunity to exercise their neck muscles. Therefore, you must take good care that the baby's head is always well supported. You can use your free hand for this. Or you can rest the baby's head in the crook of your arm. It takes about four weeks for babies to be able to lift their heads a bit by themselves. It is not until about six months of age that most babies have control over their head movements.

When you lift your baby from the side, you are supporting a normal pattern of movement. Think about how you get up from lying down. You probably roll over one side too and don't straighten right up. Put your hands under the baby's torso and turn them to the side. As you lift them up, turn them a little further. This method is also comfortable for your baby because their lateral neck muscles are better developed than those at the nape of the neck. Keep alternating the sides you roll your baby to so the muscles build up evenly. Also, the baby may develop their own preference.

If you want to pick up the baby lying straight in front of you, you have to support their head especially well. Reach under the child's shoulders with both hands. Your thumbs are under his armpits, the remaining fingers are extended and support the baby's head. When you carry the baby upright against your body, you need to support both their head as well as their back with one hand. The head is on the side of your chest.

When you put your baby on the changing table or in their bed, you should let them roll back over from their side. First, one side of the baby’s buttocks should be laid on the mat. Then gently roll the baby's body over. Make sure you hold your baby securely even when changing their diaper. Their joints should not be strained too much.