The U5 check-up is due to take place when your baby is between six and seven months old. At this point your child is already half a year old and has changed quite a bit. The tiny infant who could barely move has grown into an active, curious little creature. They become more and more independent day by day . That's why the U5 check-up is all about movement. Among other things, the paediatrician will want to see how mobile your baby is so that they are well prepared for the next developmental steps, such as crawling and then walking.

The doctor will yet again measure your baby's height, weight, and head circumference and palpate the fontanelle. There is also an eye test and a motor skills test to check how well your baby can perform certain movements. The doctor will also observe how your baby reacts to you and how they behave towards strangers.

Some babies already have their first teeth at the U5, while others are just starting to teethe or are still waiting. In any case, as soon as the first baby teeth appear, dental care is important. That's why the doctor looks closely at your baby's mouth. If there are any abnormalities, you will be referred to a dentist for your baby.

The U5 is a good time to take a look at your baby's immunisation record and check that all immunisations are up to date. If necessary, you can make a new appointment for any missing vaccinations right away. If you are unsure or have questions about the benefits or safety of individual vaccinations, you can also bring these up at the U5 or any other check-up.

At the U5 check-up, the paediatrician will also give you tips on how best to prevent accidents with your child and how to get them used to regular sleeping times. You will also receive information on how to help your baby learn to speak more easily. Another issue addressed at the U5 check-up is nutrition. Some babies are still fully breastfed at six months. However, experts advise that by this time parents should gradually start replacing their baby's milk meals with complementary food.

Use the appointment to again go through all your questions that have come up since the U4 or anything else that may be on your mind. The best thing to do is make an appointment for the next check-up while you’re there. The right time for the U6 is when your baby is ten to twelve months old.