For many people, tattoos are an expression of their personality. The images on her skin may also stand for important moments or unique aspects of her life. A pregnancy can also be a special experience and awaken the desire for a personal memento. However, you should refrain from getting new tattoos during this time and even while breastfeeding. There are several reasons for this. Even for expectant mothers who already know what a getting tattoo feels like, the stinging can cause severe pain and stress. Both have a bad effect on the baby.

Your skin is also more sensitive during pregnancy than usual. This can lead to a sudden allergic reaction to the dyes used for tattooing or to inflammation or infection in the skin around the fresh tattoo. That would be problematic. Normally, doctors would give you medication, such as antibiotics for infection or cortisone for inflammation. However, both can be harmful to the fetus. Therefore, you should only take these drugs when absolutely necessary if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Good tattoo studios should also refuse requests from pregnant people. The same applies to permanent makeup treatments. It's best to cease while pregnant or breastfeeding. If you still have problems with old or new tattoos, do not try to treat yourself, but always seek medical advice.