Gruppe von Profis rund um das Thema Schwangerschaft
Pediatrician practice
Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. Achim Echtermeyer, Dr. Karsten Gemm und Dr. Anne Hafer

Range of services

  • Baby counselling and treatment
    • Childhood check-ups
    • Vaccination counselling and vaccination
    • Counselling for breastfeeding
  • Care and treatment of pregnant women and mothers
    • Check-ups during pregnancy
    • Postpartum care
    • Nutrition counselling
    • Delivery preparation for women
    • Home birth care
    • Obstetric care at hospitals
    • Care for high-risk pregnancies
    • Care as a midwife
  • Sports and exercise activities
    • Postpartum training
  • Alternative therapies and treatments
    • Acupuncture in the postpartum period
    • Acupuncture during pregnancy
    • Taping