As a student or trainee with one or more biological children you can, under certain conditions, receive a childcare supplement each month of €150 per child; this is in addition to any money you receive from BAföG funding via Germany's Federal Training Assistance Act or your vocational training allowance (Berufsausbildungsbeihilfe, often abbreviated to BAB). This amount is a full grant paid as a lump sum. That means you don't have to prove anything or pay anything back (§ 14 b BAföG). If your spouse or partner is also entitled to receive the BAföG childcare supplement and you share a household, you will need to discuss who should receive the money. This is because the state only pays the childcare supplement to one parent and only to the parent with whom the child lives.

In order to be eligible for the childcare supplement as a student, you must receive BAföG and be actively studying. Also, your child must live in your household and be under 14 years old. Like your BAföG application, you can apply for a childcare supplement at the organisation for student affairs (Studierendenwerk) responsible for you at your university. To do this, you must also fill in form 4 of the application. If you are a trainee, you can apply for a grant at the local office responsible for your school (Amt für Ausbildungsförderung) or at the local employment agency. You do not have to prove that you look after your child yourself around the clock in order to get the childcare supplement. You are also entitled to this money if other people take care of your child from time to time, for example a nanny, relatives or nursery school teachers.